The Warren PBA Local #235 at the Food Truck Fest

Proud to support the Warren PBA Local #235 at the Food Truck Fest. We had perfect weather and a great event. Our police officers are the best!!   Paid for by Maziarz for Warren Twp Committee,                                        […]

The Great Debate Question

  I was approached by one of the other candidates running against me for Township Committee and asked about participating in a debate/forum. I was provided no details or any parameters regarding what that debate would look like other than that it would be sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  I wondered why we […]

Dear Voters

Dear Voters: I encourage everyone to listen, really listen, to the messages being communicated by the various candidates running for State Assembly, County, and the Warren Township Committee. I hope you agree that we need to elect officials with experience, common sense and solutions to the issues that we face and will face in the […]