Dear Voters

Dear Voters:
I encourage everyone to listen, really listen, to the messages being communicated by the
various candidates running for State Assembly, County, and the Warren Township Committee. I hope you agree that we need to elect officials with experience, common sense and solutions to the issues that we face and will face in the future. Anyone can point out the less than perfect and make promises that are not reasonable or feasible and that, at times, the law will simply not permit. There is no point in electing people who make promises that will never come to fruition. Or worse, electing people whose promises do little but make our lives more expensive. We made our home here because of all that our Town and Somerset County had and have to offer, that doesn’t happen by accident. Years of careful, thoughtful, fiscally conservative governance created what we have today. Our candidates, pictured below, stand ready to serve you and have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of what their respective jobs entail to continue to make our Township and our County the best place to live and the place that we chose to make our home. Please vote for Jon Bramnick and Nancy Munoz for State Assembly; Pat Walsh for Freeholder; Chief Bill Parenti for Sheriff, and Jolanta Maziarz for Warren Township Committee this Election Day. And, as always, please direct any questions that you may have regarding my candidacy or that of any of the other candidates to my attention and I will be sure that you get answers. Contact me on Facebook or go to the contact page of or email me at or call me (732)564-0547.


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